Roasting Date: 4/29/2017

This post for archive/reference. We really enjoyed this coffee. It had a nice level of acidity for lighter roasts and lovely traditional coffee taste in the medium roasts. All in all, we roasted 7 batches with #7 being our “darkest” with an extended development time but with a relatively low final temp.

Distributor’s tasting notes: “Black cherry, dark chocolate, green apple”

We continued working with the same coffee used in Batches #1-4, roasted on 3/20/2017. Our goal with this set was to present the same coffee but bring out deeper and darker flavors and perceived roastiness i.e. a darker roast.

Batch #5: We started this roast at a lower temperature than we planned and we had to really ramp up the heat to “catch up: with to save the roast. Nonetheless, it’s still a decent coffee. A bit brighter than the other 3 in this group. Hints of roastiness.

Batch #6: With this batch, we increased the time in the early stage of roasting (Mai) to increase body and deepen flavors compared to our last group of batches (#1-4).

Batch #7: This takes #6 a step further with extra time spent in both the early (Mai) and later parts (development) of the roast. This resulted in deeper flavors and richness.

All three are good drinkable coffees and they leave us with a sense of having eaten a collection of dark chocolates.

Internal Testing

We asked Royal to send us a collection of samples of recommended washed coffees from South and Central America that focuses on sugars, chocolates, a little fruit, mild to balanced acidity. With luck we will get something really special for the next round!