Hi. I’m Alex. I like coffee. I have extreme hobbies. What do I mean?

The Spark

Well, once upon a time someone gave me some coffee beans.  They were labeled, “Kona” and “Blue Mountain“. I said I didn’t want them because I didn’t like coffee. He said, just try them. They were completely unlike any other coffee I had ever had.

The Search

That was about 25 year ago. Since that time I kept trying coffee here and there but nothing ever tasted like those two originals. Once I was able to I started to spend more on coffee assuming I just needed to buy better i.e. more expensive beans. I even *cough* invested in buying some pure Kona… it was not very good. I even went to Kona… and had mostly bad coffee.

I wondered what in the world was going on?

The Breakthrough

Then Dani Goot suggested I try home roasting. Sure, I got right on that and about two years later actually stated. I purchased a few pounds of green coffee beans from Sweet Maria’s in Oakland and got started.  I was skeptical, after all how good can $8/lb coffee really be? Hmm, well actually quite good.

Only problem was that my little home coffee roaster was not really very good at roasting very much coffee or roast it very consistently. Time to scale up.

The next machine was an order of magnitude more expensive but it could roast much more and could be controlled from a computer – perfect for me.

I started studying coffee roasting theory, methods, gathering advice and testing our different coffees and ideas. Some worked and some didn’t.

People in my office started to drink the coffee I was roasting on the weekends, and liked it. But now that more people were drinking it, suddenly my big roaster was looking not so big anymore.  And worse, since I was roasting outside I was at the mercy of the weather. Even a little wind would cause the roaster to get off track and uh, I needed to scale up again?

What I needed was bigger capacity and a more controlled environment. Getting a bigger roaster would have been quite expensive at this point and even if I got one somehow, I still would be out in the weather. So I thought, what’s the logical conclusion for all of this?

The Logical Conclusion

The Loring S15 Falcon may not have sprung to your lips, but it kind of is the real logical conclusion. It’s a 15kg (33lbs) roaster that requires a real roasting facility. Unbelievably, there is one nearby that you can rent by the hour!

So you may be wondering now about somethings. My sanity for example. Or, why is he telling me all this? Sanity being what it may…

Why is he telling me all of this?

Glad you asked.  I need to roast a minimum of 20lbs of coffee per batch. That is a lot already since coffee really needs to be used within about two to four weeks (Really? Yes, really.) for best taste. And I don’t want to just roast one batch at a time… you see where this is going?

Sure you do, I need you to help me drink a lot of coffee!