Roasting Date: January 27th 2018

Coffee: Honduras San Marcos Caiquin

This is a washed arabica coffee from the San Marcos de Caiquin region of Honduras. This region is located in western Honduras near the Pacaya volcanic range which is to the southwest. It was produced by a single farmer and the farm is located at 1550 meters ASL (5085 ft). Variety: Lempira, Ihcafe 90, Catimor.

Coffee production in this region is not only a source of income but a source of great pride, tied to many traditions. Specialty coffee has been a focus for some time, and producers mostly gather into groups and co-ops, to improve their financial access.

-Background from the importer


  • Flavor: Jasmine, molasses, dark chocolate
  • Cupping notes: Floral, fruit and sugar notes. Jasmine and rose, plum and grape, honey and molasses complement a vibrant acidity and full body.
  • Acidity: Delicate