Coffee Resources

We love reading and researching about coffee so we use this page to keep track of the helpful resources we have identified. Perhaps you will find some ehhelpfulnd interesting material here as well. If you have  asuggestion that you think we shoud a dd to this page, please contact us.

Coffee Roasting

Creating Roast Profiles Based on Exhaust (return) Temperature. – Return temperature can be a more reliable or at least an additional measurement to watch during roasting. Mr. Hoos supports his conclusion that “The greater the difference between exhaust air temperature and bean temperature, the faster the rate of rise to meet the exhaust air temperature.” Ikawa roast profiles are included.

Rob’s Hoos book Modulating the Flavour Profile of Coffee (on Amazon) also available on the Nossa Familia Coffee website. A short book which explains how to adjust roasting profiles to tune your roast to achieve your result goals.

The Coffee Roaster’s Companion by Scott Rao (on Amazon). A very popular book on learns the guiding principles of good roasting techniques. Mr. Rao presents his “Three Commandments of Roasting” based on evaluation common characteristics of thousands of successful roasts. While “commandments” is catchy he has been noted to say they are more like guidelines 🙂

Coffee Brewing Guides

Blue Bottle’s Guides – Very nicely presented and with pictures or recommended grind sizes.

Brewing Ratio Chart – Measure coffee by the gram, ounce, teaspoon and find the corresponding ration of needed water.