Roasted: 9/9/2017 & 10/14/2017

We just picked up 2 new coffees from a distributor called Genuine Origin. They are a special place and here is what they say about their work.

We realized long ago that creating a truly sustainable future for specialty coffee means doing more than checking a box. So, we made it the core of our business and developed our own program to track and measure the true, long-term effects of real sustainable practices.

It begins with profitable producers. Worldwide we’re reaching more than 30,000 farmers with hands-on programs and practices designed to help them succeed, and stay successful. Environmental and social sustainability is also key. We set and maintain strict standards that drive actual change at the farm level—governing land use and stewardship, soil and water conservation, and fair and ethical treatment of labor.

Costa Rica San Diego Tarrazu Honey process!
FLAVOR: Dried fruit, almonds, chocolate
BODY: Juicy

The two main types of processing of coffee are “washed” and “dry” or “natural” processed. “Honey” is a hybrid that aims to retain the best qualities of the 2 main processing styles. You may note that this coffee is from the same country and region that we tried previously. Tarrazu is famous for great coffee and produces some of the world’s best. I’m excited to try this one.

#2 Guatemala San Antonio
FLAVOR: Cherry, orange, caramel and cocoa
BODY: Clean
ACIDITY: Balanced

Guatemala is another amazing source of coffee and this should be quite nice. The distributor said this one should be good for both light and dark roasts so we will try it both ways.

We are aiming to roast this weekend so if that works out we will have coffee for you next week.

Also as a special perk for our paid members, we have a few samples of coffees we are testing and if you would like to try them let us know.