Roasted on: 11/29/2017

After a short break due to the holiday, we are back in action and will have fresh coffee next week. I guess our coffee roasting machine needed a vacation and ate too much turkey. Now that it signed up for a weight reduction program, it’s ready to get back to work.

This time around we will be roasting the lovely honey-processed Costa Rica we had late time. We will experiment with 2 different roasting profiles so that we can examine the differences in roasting styles. Both will be light roasts but one roasted with a fast & hot cycle and the other more slowly. Each method will bring out a different balance of flavors and I am very interested to compare them.

On the dark roast side, we’ll be doing Mystery Roast #2. Another never to be repeated top secret blend that should be tasty. We discovered last batch that a faster, hotter roasting profile works really well with dark roasts and we will try that again with a different balance of beans. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

On a completely different note, I actually bought a bag of coffee from the grocery store the other day. One of my favorite brands and it is tasting good but it reminded me exactly why I started roasting coffee in the first place. I can roast exactly the coffee I want in exactly the way that I want it – not a product made to fit a price point.

The other thing it reminded me of is now expensive coffee from the store is. That bag cost ~$15 and it’s 12oz – that is $20 per pound! Right now FCT gives you 3 pounds for $20. You must be pretty smart signing up for FCT! I am not at all biased in any way when I say that ours is better too [Um, sure. -Ed].

As always, thanks for testing coffee with us!