Coffee is an endlessly fascinating subject. Every aspect from brewing to drinking to roasting to sourcing has its own art, science and ritual associated with it. While some are content to let their Mr. Coffee do its thing others may find themselves looking to deepen their knowledge and develop their craft. It’s up to you how far you want to go.
This section of the site is dedicated to those that want to know more. It’s also for me to prove to myself that I know enough to teach someone else or if I need to keep studying myself! There are incredible resources on the internet for coffee but they can be surprisingly hard to find. These pages are designed to give you an easy jumping off point. Please let us know if you have resources to share or would like to see specific subjects covered.

Check out the sub-pages to learn more.

Brewing. A very brief coffee brewing guide. Improving your brewing style is one of the easiest ways to enjoy better coffee.

Guide to roast levels. What do you like and how do you get it?