Roasting Date: May 26th, 2018

Light Roast, Exotic: Burundi Mbirizi Salum Ramadhan Raised Bed Honey

Our second exotic and the second honey-processed coffee that we have offered. 2-3 days after sample roasting this coffee, we noticed lots of fruity flavors and a very mild acidity. A very pleasant desert like taste that offered up flashes of complex underlying flavors that kept it interesting. After production roasting, we tasted this coffee literally minutes after it came off of the cooling tray and we experienced a very different coffee with peanut overtones and cranberry-like acidity. Underneath those flavors was a bold, rich impressive cup of coffee. After a few days and into a few weeks we will eagerly await the full potential of this coffee to unfold.

Burundi is one of the world’s poorest countries. Fortunately, it is located near the equator and has mountains, which add up to coffee. The coffee industry is one of the few opportunities that poor farmers have to rise above their current situation. Nearby Kenya has a well-developed coffee industry and auction system that has greatly benefitted farmers in that nation. Burundi seems to be on the same path and FCT’s small purchase helps in its small way.

Dark Roast Coffee: Special Blend

We created a blend that is primarily made up of the Peru and Honduras that we offered on their own over the past few months but included a small percentage of Costa Rica to add an additional subtle flavor dimension. The feedback we have received on these past dark roasts has been great, so together this will give you a new perspective on the coffees you have already been enjoying.