Fancy Coffee Test history: This is the coffee that was used for Pre-test 1 and Pre-test 2

Distributors tasting notes: Black cherry, dark chocolate, green apple

Roast dates

  • Pre-test 1, batches #1-4 3/20/2017
  • Pre-test 2, batches #5-6 TBD

Roast Style

  • Batches #1-4 roasted using 4 different profiles and all to the same final roast level “light-medium”, 425F CororTrack 60.7.
  • Batches #5-6 TBD “medium-dark”

Results for Batches #1-4

Overall, how much did you enjoy this coffee?

  • Batch #1 – 65% (3.25 stars)
  • Batch #2 – 66% (3.3 stars)
  • Batch #3 – 78% (3.89 stars – 3 people gave it 5 stars!)
  • Batch #4 – 75% (3.75 stars)

Christine and I agree with this overall evaluation. We liked #3 best but it could be improved. I am surprised that #2 was not better rated since I thought it had the most perceived roastiness. (read more about roast level)

Since this was the first time roasting on the Loring roaster, we tried 4 different approaches but did not have a specific goal in mind for the different batches. Roasting is an experimental process. You try something and see how it turns and then modify what you are doing based on results. That is why your feedback is so important to the process!

For the other questions on the survey, the results were more or less the same between the batches so this is a rough arrogate.

Did you feel the need for cream or sweetener?
All over the map, with no clear consensus. Some tried cream and sweeter, some did not. Some liked it, some did not. Some coffees are suited to cream and sweetener but I don’t feel that this is one of them.

Comments on flavor (batch #3)
“Similar to batch #2 but fuller tasting, again a hint of caramel I think, it was more roasty. Very good.”

“earthy and nutty”

“I could recognize this coffee by both it’s smell and taste. It tasted nutty to me. Sometimes it had a bit of a bitter aftertaste and sometimes it didn’t. I enjoyed it both hot and cold (old?!). It had the most personality of the 3 we had (1, 3, &4).”

“chocolatey, smooth, caramel”

“Smooth, more of a roasted flavour. Light nuttiness to it. Little to no after taste. Enjoyable.”

“This one is better than 1 and 2, still not robust like I prefer, but drinkable. Still has some of the citrusy elements yet richer and more coffee like.”

“i agree with “bright”, but i think the brightness carried the acidity to the front in a way that was unpleasant. cream did not help, in fact it just muted the backnotes of roast which would have been more desirable”

“Chocolate and fruit”

How could this coffee be better for you?

This has a clear result! 67% “Darker roasted” and 22% “Less bright & acidic”

Brewing methods

  • 33% Automatic brewer
  • 44% Pourover
  • 33% French press

Any other comments that might help us improve our coffee? (batch #3)
“I don’t usually drink black coffee but I liked this one black. Very smooth and no bitter bite.”