Coffee: Guatemala Xinabajul La Libertad

Another coffee from Guatemala’s Huehuetenango area! Last month’s medium roast coffee was from this same region but these are quite different coffees.

Our importer assured us that this coffee holds up at any roast level so we decided to put that claim to the test. With tasting notes of caramel, molasses sweetness, roasted almond, green apple and raisin this washed coffee fits right to the heart of FCT coffees. On the darker roast expect some dark cocoa to emerge.

During roasting, we noticed that this coffee looked lighter than we normally observe, so we added a bit more heat to our dark roast to ensure we really hit the mark. In the end, we may have ventured into darker territory than our typical dark roast but if you examine the beans you will see that some of the center seams are fairly light colored. We are excited for you to try it and let us know what you think.

Since we used the same coffee for our medium and dark roast you will have a great chance to taste the different between roasting profiles.