Coffee: Colombia “Women of Pijao”

Country: Colombia
Region: Pijao, Quindio
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1900 – 2000 Meters

This coffee was grown and processed by an association of women farmers. According to the importer, in 2015 36 women farmers meet with the Colombia Coffee Federation in an effort to support women farmers, many of which are single mothers and they developed their associate to meet the goal.

Medium Roast: We roaster a bit lighter this month and as a result, our coffee was a multi-faceted drinking experience that changes character with temperature. At hotter temperatures, its acidity stands out and as it cools, more and more chocolate emerges. As it also develops over time (1st week vs 2nd week) we are experiencing more changes and keep the whole experience fresh.

Dark Roast: We extended out the roast time based on a suggestion from James at Rhetoric Coffee, so we will be eager to hear your thoughts on this coffee. The goal was to fully develop the coffee into a dark roast while keeping the final temperature a bit lower than our typical dark roast, so we might preserve delicious fark coffee flavors while avoiding the over-dark tastes that can form from over carmelizing the sugars. Let us know what you think!