Had a nice day on Saturday at the Berkeley CoRoaster sample roasting a few coffees and tasting Bellwether‘s lovely Colombia. I am not much of  barista, but even with my weakly brewed cup, I thought their coffee was excellent. Compared to my own recent experience roasting coffee from this same origin, the Bellwether coffee has some nice additional dimensions of flavor going on that was a great way to end a roasting session. Check out their site, their roaster look pretty amazing!

Back on the Probat BRZ, I roasted 8 samples including 2 different natural Ethiopias and a few other samples I pulled from CoRoaster’s sample wall. I tried a washed Ethiopia from La Bodega and another Colombia from Genuine Origin.

I’ve tried both of the natural Ethiopias several times, so I know what to expect as far as taste goes. I was mostly just practicing my sample roasting technique and specifically smelling for first crack. According to Rob Hoos, there is a distinct smell of vinegar during first crack which is another method of determining when that event is occurring. On a machine like the Loring where it’s hard to hear, having other senses trained to detect it with the tryer helps. I think after a few roasts I was getting the hang of it. Maybe.

The washed Ethiopia was interesting to taste. I can’t recall having a washed coffee from this origin before, so I was curious. The tasting notes say, “Intense flavors of jasmine, lemon-lime, lavender and chocolate” which I did not taste at all. To us we tasted a enjoyable burn toast flavor in addition the traditional coffee flavors. Possibly also a hint of caramel to my taste. All in all, a nice coffee. Worth keeping in mind. Update: tried this one again and suddenly the lemon taste – something like a lemongrass emerged! Interesting.

Genuine Origin’s Narimo, Colombia was interesting. Tasting notes were, “Stone fruit, bittersweet chocolate, almond, citrus” and I believe we could find them. At the light roast of the sample roast, it was a bit tea like but this was a really enjoyable coffee and something that we’ll consider for future Bassline.